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Our wines are made with fruit from multiple vineyard blocks on the Somerston Estate, to showcase the diversity of the terroir and elevations of the property. We produce fruit so distinctive that it requires only minimal processing, which ensures that its robust mountain flavors shine through as intensely rich, yet beautifully integrated wines.

Today we are offering ground shipping included on all purchases of 3 or more bottles through the end of the month.  We hope you will enjoy exploring our wines with this special shipping offer.  If you live locally, take advantage of placing an order online for Curbside Pick Up or take advantage of our complimentary delivery in the Bay Area.  


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Our online wine shop gives you access to a selection of Napa Valley wines not available anywhere else. Let your curiosity get the best of you and try a red blend, such as the Double Barrel, or our Brut Rosé that is produced using 100% Syrah grapes.

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