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June 14, 2021 | Priest Ranch

4 Ways to Wine & Dine Dad

Brunch isn't just for Mother's Day—Dads enjoy bacon at noon, too! Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to treat dad to a finger-licking meal. We've put together multiple tasty, easy-to-make meal options for dad's special day. And, of course, the adults at the table can enjoy a glass of the accompanying Priest Ranch wine with their fare (or enjoy a glass while you're cooking)!

2019 Sauvignon Blanc with Brunch

Few wines pair better with brunch than a refreshing, flavorful Sauvignon Blanc. This wine is one of our favorites in terms of its ability to pair with a variety of dishes. If you’re opting for a lighter brunch or appetizers, try creamy cheeses such as Humboldt Fog or brie. For something fun and super flavorful, think smashed avocado toast. 

Our favorite way to do this is to put together a thick slice of bread that's covered with smashed avocado, drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil (try ours!), dusted with cumin, salt, and red pepper flakes, then sprinkled with fresh green herbs. Craving some more protein? Top it with a poached egg!

2018 Grenache Blanc with Lunch

If you already had an early breakfast and are ready for lunch, take it to the next level for dad with these pairings! The French certainly do it right when it comes to cooking: few ingredients without overwhelming the palate.

For this pairing, going with a French classic was a no-brainer. This unique wine is magic on the palate when paired with a caramelized onion and gruyère quiche (also a great brunch option!). An unoaked wine such as our Grenache Blanc has a beautiful acidity that cuts through the gruyère perfectly. For some other casual, dad-friendly options, a four cheese and onion pizza or simple street tacos are other options that are not only delicious but something dad can craft with the kids and get creative!

2018 Snake Oil with Appetizers

Other than pairing beautifully with grilled meats of all kinds (we're partial to garlic-crusted beef tenderloin, though), we love our Snake Oil with a variety of piquant appetizers. A Priest Ranch special is our miso tahini bacon which is a truly flavorful and unique offering that’s easy to munch on and even easier to make. 

We also enjoy a simple option of Italian cured meats such as prosciutto, pancetta, speck, and salami with cheeses such as Midnight Moon or Barely Buzzed. The fat and salt in the meat cut through the tannins of the wine, which also pairs with the cheeses due to the same fatty, salty qualities. But don't get us wrong, our Snake Oil Cabernet Sauvignon is a dinner wine, too! 

2018 Peacemaker with Dinner

As another exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon in our collection, our Peacemaker—which joined our portfolio earlier this year—is heavenly with classic BBQ. From ribs to your favorite cut of steak to brisket and pork, seasonings that tend to flatter this Merlot and Cabernet blend are garlic, rosemary, mint, and porcini mushrooms. 

Additionally, dishes cooked in red wine and meat and cheese combinations (such as a classic burger) are also a mouthwatering treat that's fun to cook up with the kids or simply for a date night. 

If you'd prefer to pass on the meat option, a grilled portobello mushroom with toppings also makes for a fun weeknight option—Father's Day or not!

No matter how you treat Dad this season, we have a bottle of wine ready and waiting for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Explore our collection here, and happy Father’s Day to all of the incredible father figures out there!



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