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Priest Ranch
July 4, 2023 | Priest Ranch

Red, White, and BACON?!





    At Priest Ranch, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer #UncommonAdventures while seated in our Downtown Yountville tasting room, and our Bacon and Wine Experience is no exception—it's the definition. Executive Chef Dan Solomon joined our team earlier this year and has used his adventurous culinary side to take this experience to the next level. What started as sourcing perfectly crisp and seasoned strips of breakfast bacon from a local vendor has evolved into one of our most highly reserved experiences that we are now able to produce in our own kitchen. A stunning plate with four thick, glistening pieces of pork belly serving as the ideal vessel for Chef Dan's uniquely and meticulously prepared marinades and seasonings takes place. It is ready to wow anyone with who it is placed in front. Just in case you haven't experienced these savory bites or need more convincing, we've broken down what you can expect the next time you find yourself in our tasting room, ready to sip and savor all Priest Ranch has to offer. 

    It was Chef Dan's choice to move to a thicker cut of pork and opt for pork belly, which is a hearty but refined vessel for his mindfully formulated sauces that accentuate Tasting Room Manager Cory DeLoach's selection of Priest Ranch wines. Each batch of pork belly is sous vide, precisely portioned, seared, then marinated and roasted again to perfection before arriving at your table. This process is meticulously staged and prioritizes your experience as these savory bites of bacon melt on your palate and are an elegant compliment to the four wines Cory has selected to highlight. If you've already enjoyed this experience in our Yountville tasting room, you know the magic each bite offers. However, if you still need to make the pilgrimage, let this post convince you to make a reservation and please your palate with this incredible pairing.

The Flavors.

    Calabrian Chili & Maple - This glaze brings subtle sweetness with a spicy and rich finish. Once heated, a beautiful candied quality displays a sweet, nonchocolate sensation on the palate—alluding to a similar experience of maraschino without the cherry. 

   Cherry & Ras El Hanout - Ras El Hanout literally translates to "top of the shelf," referring to the types of spices typically found in this blend. The scent immediately transports you to a Mediterranean spice souk filled with rich smells and textures, much like what this seasoning brings to your senses—a beautiful dance of fruit, rich spices, and texture glides across the palate.

   Tangy Chamoy - Bold and beautiful stone fruit strikes the nose and tongue, feeding into your intrigue as to how this pairing will work. After the fruit, the second wave brings subtle, savory spice that lingers as the fruit acids fade into the palate. This unique and innovative glaze catches tasters off guard but is a pleasant surprise and delight.

   Plum & Black Pepper Gastrique - This is the heaviest and boldest of the flavors, with depth and complexities that perfectly finish this lineup. Unevenly cracked black peppercorns pop and bite with spice that tingles your tastebuds and water your mouth in each bite. Then, followed by smooth, luxurious plum gastrique that balances out the kick from the pepper, this is the perfect red wine accouterment. And let's not forget about the finishing twang from the red wine vinegar that completes the stunning complexity Chef Dan has constructed.


The Wines.







   2019 Double Barrel - A blend of Malbec and Merlot, this wine has a beautiful bouquet of floral notes that delight the nose, with lavender followed by subtle fruit elements like candied cherry and a combination of other bright red fruits. Your first sip invites blue fruits and muted tobacco notes accentuated by mouth-tingling tannins that make your mouth water. A favorite amongst the team, this wine is incredibly welcoming and easy drinking, "don't think about it, just drink it."









   2019 Cabernet Sauvignon - Bright red fruit accompanied by undertones of spices and floral notes and rounded out by fresh eucalyptus in this Napa Valley Cabernet. Upon the second deep inhale, you are introduced to another layer ofdried purple fruit that overtakes the herb and spice notes you get with the first breath in. Once on the palate, thereare beautifully concentrated tannins, and a bright red fruit finish contrasts stewed plums. 







   2018 Peacemaker - This beautiful red blend (60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Merlot) is one of the most floral-filled noses of the lineup. Peacemaker fills your nostrils with fresh and dried flowers balanced out by dried pomegranate. By the second smell, the bright acid-driven scents pop out of the glass and draw you in with fresh cranberry-pomegranate notes and a dried floral finish.  




   2018 Coach Gun - When you first bring the glass of this Bordeaux blend to your nose, you're immediately greeted by scents of mocha-covered candied cherries. After a swirl and a second smell, the mocha begins to fade while beautiful dried cranberry notes replace it and morph into peak-season blackberries or other blue fruits. On the palate, notes of firm, beautifully structured tannins supported by smashed mocha-powered blackberries accentuated by allspice flavors. 





The Pairings.

   Calabrian Chili & Maple + 2019 Double Barrel - This combination is an incredible way to start your tasting. The structure of Double Barrel pops the spice from the chilis and takes it to a new level. The maple becomes a bit more muted as the spice takes the spotlight. You'll experience an incredible tingling sensation from the tannins and spices, which are brought to life more so than hitting mute. Plus, the decadent richness of fat and flavor from the perfected cut of pork belly keeps you coming back bite after bite.

   Cherry & Ras El Hanout + 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon - The stunning lavish depth from the cherry puree sinks into the pork belly's fibers, melding each piece's flavor. The Mediterranean spice concoction balances with the bright red fruits and beautiful tannins mingle, making your mouth water and encouraging you to enjoy and savor every bite. It is an incredible sensation to experience as the luscious tannins cut through the rich fattiness and leave your palate longing for more wine and bacon.

   Tangy Chamoy + 2018 Peacemaker - The pairing of this vibrant, fruit-forward sauce that evenly coats the piece of pork belly with the bold but balanced red blend is an unexpected but incredibly complimenting medley. The fruit characteristics from Peacemaker subside the bold stone fruit from the Chamoy and harmonize the seemingly opposing natures of the wine and glaze. What would typically feel radical actually brings a centralized flavor profile with every bite and sip.

   Plum & Black Pepper Gastrique + 2018 Coach Gun - To complete your experience, this mixture of culinary and winemaking talent leaves you on a high note. This pairing is a match made in foodie and wine heaven. The elevated balance of flavors and structures is complete and oh-so-satisfying. The blended Coach Gun palate highlights the bright plum flavor and reigns in the striking characteristics of the cracked black peppercorns. 

   Now that we've shared the details and given you a sneak peek into this experience, it's time for you to savor the tasting. We invite you to enjoy our #UncommonAdventure of the wonderful complimentary flavors, pairings, and meticulously crafted wines for yourself in our Downtown Yountville tasting room. From all of your friends at Priest Ranch, we cannot wait to host you. Cheers!



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